Camping…When You Are On A Budget…

Everyone loves to get away from there everyday lives once in a while…

But not everyone is willing to spend a fortune on a vacation… forget expensive cruises and trips

to Disneyland. You can go camping! and it can be just as fun and exciting without draining your

bank account.

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So you can end the scrimping and saving in order to go on that family vacation this year…

Camping can be a great alternative to go and enjoy the great outdoors while bonding with family and friends.

Where would You go Camping? You May Ask…

You can go to the many different state park and recreation websites and book a mediocre camp

site for as low as 30$ just to find out all of your favorite spots are booke

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d and your left with

terrible spots no one wants. OR…you can find multiple FREE camping sites to pitch a tent or

park your RV that are better than most rented sites you may find. Why? First is obvious…you

don’t have to be crammed in, fighting for room with every other camper that is within seeing

distance of your camp site.While paying 30$ every night for it. I guess the only upside to

pitching a tent in an established campsite would be that you get access to public bathrooms but

camping off-the-grid is not for someone who is afraid to shit in the woods.

So what are these free camping spots?…

Natural Forests And Grasslands

You are allowed to camp for free in US National Forests and Grasslands unless otherwise stated

be sure to check ahead of time for there rules and regulations. But 9 times

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out of 10 it is free to camp.

You have to be self sufficient, because there are no Amenities when you

are camping in

non established sites. If you can handle yourself without the bathrooms, picnic tables and the

trash receptacles ect. you will be left in aw as the beauty of mother nature and its life engulf you

and your camp spot thriving as if you where not there. To find such places go to a natural map

locator here –> to find spots near you.

BLM Lands (Bureau of Land Management)

These are publicly maintained lands mostly found in the western parts of the united states. but be careful and research your desired spot because they host a wide array of activities such as cattle grazing mining operations ect.

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The BLM lands are situated in the western United states

consisting of mostly deserts.

perfect for setting up camp in any desired spot

after doing the research you can have an amazing view of the desert right from your tent

or RV . If you are looking to go camping at a spot near you check out this site to find spots


Happy camping!