Survival Tips…

Everyone should have some survival skills or tools! you would be delusional to think something

terrible cant happen to you. For example civilization may be on its last limb (the apocalypse)



or,Apocalypse, End Time, War, Destruction

you may be stranded on an island, or your car broke down and there isn’t the slightestWater, Sunrise, Ocean, Island, Sea

indication of civilization for miles, or you where hiking and you got turned around and began to

descend into the never ending wilderness only realizing you have been going the wrong wayImage result for lost hiking

but cant find your way back. The scenarios are endless…

So How Do You Ready Yourself For Such Nightmares That Could Happen…

They always say its better to be safe then sorry. I hope you can agree, that everyone should be

confident in saying if anything happens you can provide the necessary skills to survive in any

environment. It is basic human nature to have the knowledge of such things. Though we as

human beings have became soft, relying on our different materialistic needs. Have ruled out

the essential of the hunter gatherer skills humans have perfected through the previous

millennia. But that could all change…

To Begin…

  • Water

we humans will need water to survive and

conserve energy for activities like hunting and gathering. After all our bodies are made up of

72% water. It may be a challenge to find such water sources but if

you are in a hotter climate you can chop off the top of a cactus and grind it thenImage result for water from cactus

retrieve the water through some sort of filter. If you are in a colder climate you can eat fresh

snow and dense ice. Image result for fresh snowIf you cant find any possible water sources you can dig in the ground

if its damp underneath. You’ve got  Water! You also can collect rain water from the leaves orImage result for leaves with water drops

find water in between rocks.

Now it might be in small quantities if you’ve found it,  any

bit counts. Then you prepare the

Image result for boiling water

water to be boiled.  Boiling the water will not be a walk in

the park first you must build a fire (step 2) then you let

the water sit on the fire. Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit 100 degrees Celsius. You will

have to boil the

water for 5 minutes to kill any harmful bacteria and proteins that will be eliminated through

high heat. Cant boil the water? (read step 2)

  • Fire

If you do not have any matches or lighters handy, you can begin by gathering dried grass (tinder)Image result for survival fire

depending on the climate. Then find two rocks you can strike to create a spark. Then most likely

your dried grass will start on fire, it may take a few tries though. If you cannot find rocks for

some reason you can also try a different method this consists of just two pieces of wood.

find a flat piece of wood and a straight twig about the diameter of your thumb. make a notch in

the flat piece of wood take your twig place it in the notch and spin the twig apply downward

force to make the most amount of friction, then it will start to smoke,when it starts to smoke

Place the ember you have created into the nest of dried grass and blow on it. you will see fire! Like this –>

  • Image result for survival fire


Water is most important to your survival, food is as well. To start you should find insects to eat

because they can be packed full of protein vitamins and minerals. Here is a list of edible bugs

you should cook and eat for loads of nutrients

  • Grasshoppers and crickets

Image result for grasshoppers and crickets

  • Ants

Image result for ants


  • Termites

Image result for termites

  • Grubs

Image result for grubs

  • Wood Louse

Image result for woodlice

  • Earth Worms

Image result for earth worm

  • Slugs

Image result for slugs

  • Stink Bugs

Image result for stink bugs

It may be gross, but you need to suck it up if its a life or death situation.

You also can take other animals prey, because in most occasions they will be intimidated by

you. Be sure to cook the prey because it will most likely of been chased so the pray will contain

lactic acid and that will make the meat tougher and it will spoil faster.

for other sources of nutrients like fat and vitamin c you can find and boil acorns and spruceImage result for acornsImage result for spruce needles



Or you can eat and boil dandelion and maple tree seeds  as they are edible and filled

Image result for dandelionwith nutrients.Image result for maple tree seeds

  • Shelter

There are many different ways of making shelter or seeking shelter.

you can take refuge in a near by caveImage result for cave

or you can start by building a leaning shelter by placing to

thick pieces of wood up right then laying a piece diagonal across the top of the two pieces of

wood then lay more pieces of wood against the diagonal piece of wood then lay foliage on the

wood to create a makeshift roof like this –>Image result for lean shelter

Good Luck!