Things You Need To Be Prepared…

Why prepare?…

Some of you might be saying to yourself right now, I am not one of those preppers

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who¬†stockpile weapons and food for something that might happen… But I am going to tell you why

everyone should be prepared for whatever happen’s.

Preparing doesn’t necessarily mean to go and buy a bunker and a tank.

What everyone should be practicing, no matter who you

are is preparing for what the future holds. Things WILL go wrong whether its as simple as a

natural disaster like a hurricane, tornado or an earthquake , power outage and you don’t own a generator , a snow storm where you cant leave your house and you have no rations.

Why I Prepare…

Back then, I never thought twice of preparing, I thought preppers where a bit outlandish

preparing for some future apocalypse that no one knows when will happen. Until… a few years

ago there was this snow storm. Places not used to snowstorms, or snow in general can be almost catastrophic.

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the snow where I was living at the

time exceeded about 4 feet deep

And that’s not the worst of it. Those

who are used to snow storms

would say that’s nothing. But not

being used to this amount of snow

It caused some panic among the people within the storms radius. Traped in my house because

the roads were closed I began to run low on food. Not being able to leave my house to buy

some groceries made me think, maybe those preppers are on to something. As the storm

began to calm i rushed to the nearest grocery store, knowing I’m not the only one who ran out

of food I figured the shelves would be picked over. And my predictions were correct, people

were rushing around grabbing anything they can. I don’t want to go through such a thing where

I’m not prepared ever again.

What To Prepare…

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Now I Believe  strongly in preparedness even if its something


simple like a bug out bag. A bug out bag is a bag that hold’s survival tools.

When things get

catastrophic you can leave while you have all your temporary tools if in case you have to leave

your house for some amount of time. If you are interested you can find the best ones



I Also believe in stockpiling food and water. It really makes me feel safe and ready for what is to

come in the near future. No matter what it is, I believe everyone should have extra food and

water, anything can happen that can make you regret not having extra food and water. Non

perishables can be a great thing to stock, but I recently came across emergency food buckets,

filled with different freeze dried foods, you might think it would taste terrible but honestly the food tastes really good!

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Good Luck to you!